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WF078 Smart Focus 25 …

WF078 Smart Focus 25 …


Weefine Smart Focus 2500 light is a true all-in-one unit.

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WF078 Smart Focus 2500 Video Light

This Smartfocus 2500 is a true all-in-one unit. It’s a compact, only 120mm long underwater photo / videolight. 2500 Lumen with a high quality COB LED. Besides this, it also has a 100 lumen red beam and a 18W deep blue “UV” beam for fluorodiving.

All the different colour beams can be used as AFO spotting light. The unit can be turned into a mode where the light quenches itself when it senses a flashlight being fired.

Automatic protection against overheating
When the light is used in areas in which the ambient temperature is higher t han 50°C, the light will automatically reduce the brightness by 50%. This will reduce heat and protect the light components from damage.

Safety Mode
When the battery is almost exhausted, the light output drops automatically to 20%. The light turns off after enters Safety Mode in approximately 10 minutes.It’s unable to switch the mode and adjust the brightness.


Fiber optic connector: to connect optional remote control unit
Brightness: 2500 lumen (100 lumen red and 18W UV)
Beam Angle: 100°
Color Temperature: 5000K
Mode: White / Red / UV
Power Level white: 100% – 50% – 25%
Power level red: 100% – 50% – 25%
Power level UV: 100%
SOS and flashing mode
Burn Time: Approx. 60 minutes ( at 100% brightness )
Button: Dual push button with battery level meter
Battery: 3x 18650 wrapped to one cell
Depth rated: 100m / 330ft
Weight: 420g on land / 195g underwater
Dimensions: Ø52 x 120mm.




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