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ฟินดำน� …

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Deep 6 Eddy Fin รุ่น ใหม่ ล่าสุด ปี 2022
– รุ่น Hard Material ทำให้ Frog Kick พุ่ง
– นีโอพรีน แบบแข็ง ทรง Jetfin


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🌟สนใจสินค้า ทักแชทมาหาเรา เพื่อให้พวกเราเช็กของก่อนน้าาา จะได้ไม่รอนานจ้า🌟

– Deepsix 6 Eddy Fin รุ่น ใหม่ ล่าสุด ปี 2022
– รุ่น Hard Material ทำให้ Frog Kick พุ่ง
– นีโอพรีน แบบแข็ง ทรง Jetfin

สีขาว สีดำ  และ สีส้ม ราคา 6,500 บาท

สีฟ้า ราคา 7,500 บาท

Recommended Sizing
Sizing depends on the type of boot you’re wearing, not your shoe size. If you buy the “SAME SIZE” as you wore in “XX Brand” without reading this part, you WILL get the wrong size. If you ask us to tell you what size you need based on your old fin that fit saying “I wear a XX Brand size X, what size Eddy do I need?”… we won’t know. We don’t have every fin on the market to compare our foot pockets to theirs, and won’t have.

Customers have found wetsuit boots with a flexible sole in sizes 5-8 fit best in a S/M, 9-11 LG, 11-13 XL, above size 13 the XXL. When wearing wet-suit boots with a thick “sneaker” type sole or a dry suit boot you should go to the next larger size. If in doubt get the next larger size as the spring straps are adjustable for a more custom fit.

Remember that a normal shoe is sized for the outside dimensions of your foot, which stays pretty consistent. Fins; however, have to be sized to fit the outside of whatever foot protection you choose and vary greatly depending on the brand.

Chris (the owner)has a 10.5 D US shoe size and wears the Large eddy fin with wetsuit boots or his dry-suit which has thinner boots (neoprene with a sole). He wears the XL when wearing wetsuit boots with the sneaker style sole or his dry-suit with larger boots. There will be some minor variances depending on the exact boot you wear. That said if you wear a size 12 with a softer sole boot you would be fine in an XL eddy fin. If rock boots or heavier sole foot covers are worn, you would be better off in an XXL.


Weight 22.5 oz.(663 gm)
tip to heel of foot pocket 20.5″
tip to strap 21″
foot pocket toe to heel 9″
foot pocket width 3.75″
foot pocket height 3″


Weight 35 oz. (1038 gm)
tip to heel of foot pocket 21.25″
tip to strap 22.25″
foot pocket toe to heel 9.25″
foot pocket width 4.25″
foot pocket height 3.25″


Weight 39.7 oz. (1125 gm)
tip to heel of foot pocket 21.7/8″
tip to strap 22.7/8″
foot pocket toe to heel 9.5″
foot pocket width 4.4″

ไซส์ S/M
– ส้ม
– ขาว

ไซส์ L
– ส้ม
– ขาว
– ดำ
– ฟ้า


******* Size *********
S/M 36-40
L 41-43
XL 44-47


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