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Line Cutter OMS

Line Cutter OMS


BtS Cave & Explorer Knife To facilitate underwater exploration, BtS has introduced a limited edition knife. Compact, easy to reach, ergonomicand lightweight (100 grams).Key features: Blade: Crucible Stainless Steel Handle: Micarta Cloth Resin Total Length: 150 mm Length of Blade: 48 mm Thickness of Handle: 10 mm Width of Handle: 24 mm Blunt Tip

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OMS Line Cutter Orange / Black

BtS Cave & Explorer Knife

OMS Line Cutter Orange | A24418006

OMS Line Cutter black | A24418005

The OMS Ceramic line cutter incorporates a ceramic blade, so it will never rust. These cutters are great for helping to clear entanglements while reducing the risk of accidentally cutting or puncturing your dive equipment.

Comes complete with:

Ceramic Line Cutter – single sided ceramic blade

Sheath suitable for attaching on up to 2.5? webbing, or wrist mounting

2 fastening options for cutter in sheath – quick release, or extra secure




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